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Heather Henry, LMSW

Heather HenryIf you’re looking for a therapist to help with an issue relating to love addiction, love avoidance, or sex addiction, I can help. If you’re keeping secrets or repeatedly cheating on your partner, I can work with you to find ways to manage these behaviors, so that you can rebuild connection and trust in your relationship.

You might be struggling with compulsive sexual behavior, and betrayal in your relationship. Or you might be getting into toxic relationships over and over, and unsure of how to stop these cycles. I can help with this. As a therapist who has facilitated groups and programs to deal with these very issues, I have a strong understanding of sex and love addictions, as well as what causes them. Contact me today to start your recovery.

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I specialize in helping people with the following:

Therapy for Partners of Sex Addicts and Love Addicts

Partners of love and sex addicts require a therapist who can help them with their own experiences. I have a great understanding of the feelings of anger, sadness, numbness, and pain that can come with living with a sex or love addict. I also know that this is a journey that you shouldn’t have to go on alone. Whether you’ve just found out that you’ve been betrayed, or you’ve known this for awhile, I can help. Together, we’ll work so that you find a place of peace. Call me today to learn more about how I can help.

Therapy for Multiple Problems

In my work with people, I recognize that many addicts are also dealing with addictions to alcohol, problems with gambling, and eating disorders as well. I have experience working with people to regain balance with all of these issues. Together, we’ll identify the source of these problems, and work to develop a plan that can build recovery in an effective way.

Help with Codependence

Recovery for codependence is all about finding balance. Whether it’s finding balance in your relationships, learning how to manage control and handle vulnerability, or maintain better boundaries, I can help you find this balance. We’ll work so that you can gain an understanding of how and why your relationships have struggled. We’ll also help you build a better relationship with yourself in the process. Contact me today to learn how I can help you with this issue.

Relationship Recovery

Trust and commitment are critical to making any relationship work. However, addictions can cut right into the foundation that makes a relationship stable. I can help you to patch this part of your relationship back together. It is possible to create a place for recovery, even after betrayal and cheating. If you’re in a relationship that has contended with these issues, you can mend this. It does take time, but with the right help, you can live a connected and intimate relationship.

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About Heather May 9, 2016