Are you struggling to find the find the kind of love that you want? Does your love life go from extremely hot to extremely cold, and you don’t understand why? Transform your love life from something toxic and draining to something that is enjoyable and respectful. You don’t have to settle for chaotic, imbalanced relationships. Whether your partner complains that you are too needy, or your relationships fall apart when they become too intimate, I can help. Contact me today to start changing the way that you love.

Help for Love Addiction

If you are frustrated with all the energy that you are giving your relationship, you’re not getting this energy back, counseling for love addiction may be able to help. You may feel panicked that your partner doesn’t show enough interest in you. Or maybe you’re partner is engaging in other addictive behaviors and you feel like you’re left behind. Whether you feel lost, anxious, depressed or angry about your love life, recovery is possible. Together we’ll identify specific steps that you can take to move away from being part of a toxic relationship, to a relationship that is more reciprocal and even. Get real love and passion back into your love life. Call now to set up an appointment.

Signs that you may need help for love addiction:

  • Feeling a sense of panic over the idea that your partner may leave you.
  • Chasing a level of intimacy that your partner will not commit to.
  • Failure to identify what you want out of the relationship.
  • Changing your beliefs and desires to fit the lifestyle of your partner.
  • Giving up your boundaries so that your partner will not leave you.
  • Getting back at your partner because of a lack of intimacy.

Help for Love Avoidance

If you feel smothered by your partner and you don’t know how to change this, I can help. Maybe you feel anxious at the idea of expressing how your feel about your partner. Or maybe you feel enslaved by the amount of energy that your partner puts into getting you to show attention and affection. Whether you feel like your partner is too needy, or you want to be more intimate, but don’t know how, counseling can help.

Signs that you may be dealing with love avoidance:

  • Withholding affection or sex to stay in control.
  • You distract yourself from true intimacy with other people or behaviors.
  • You feel angry or resentful or your partner’s neediness.
  • Opening up to your partner is a serious struggle.
  • You communicate with anger, criticism, or passive-aggressive behavior.


Recovery for love and relationship addictions can be quite intimidating. You may feel that you are destined to live a life where your relationships will remain toxic, this doesn’t have to be the case. You don’t have to continue to feel like intimacy and stability will always be out of your reach. Start your recovery today.

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Counseling for Love Addiction and Love Avoidance October 9, 2013