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Counseling for Partners of Sex Addicts

partner of addictHave you caught your partner or spouse cheating? If you are troubled¬† you may be experiencing a variety of difficult emotions. Hurt, anger, resentment, distrust are all understandable feelings at this time. You may have uncovered secrets that you never thought could occur. You may even blame yourself for your spouse or partner’s sexual behavior. You might have even given up your sexual boundaries out of fear that your partner might leave. All of these complex situations can leave you feeling alone, depressed, angry, and betrayed. I can help you with this. I will help you address the emotions that you currently feel, establish and maintain boundaries, and validate your place in this relationship.

Partners and spouses of sex addicts can have a seriously difficult road ahead of them. Sometimes, out of nowhere your world can come crashing down. Other times, the shift to a troubled place in your relationship can happen over time. Regardless of how this has played out for you, you are not to blame. As a trained sex addiction therapist, know that I will not shame you or put the weight of your partner’s behavior on your shoulders. Rather, I will assist you in drawing boundary lines in your relationship, identifying what it is that you want, and taking care of yourself in this tumultuous place.

Whether your partner or spouse is dealing with porn, anonymous sex, or cybersex addiction, this can be a very trying time for you and your relationship. You don’t have to work through the overwhelming emotions on your own. I can help you so that you will better understand the addictive cycle of sex addiction, and understand how to handle behaviors as they occur. Contact me today to see how I can help you through a very difficult time.

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Counseling for Partners of Sex Addicts June 12, 2013