Sex addiction can cause serious harm to your relationship, career, and your life overall. Many sex addicts live a double-life, trying to avoid the confrontation that will take place as a result of their sexual behavior. Although avoidance of the potential consequences of a sexual addiction is understandable, it will only increase the harm. If you are someone who is dealing with a sex addiction, know that shameful, and even fearful feelings are common when thinking about counseling. Whether you are cheating on your partner or spouse, you are caught up losing countless hours of your day viewing pornography or finding your next hookup, or you are risking your career because of your sexual behavior, I can help. Contact us today to see how I can help you through this intimidating journey.

Although rebuilding your life may seem impossible, it is not. Sex addiction counseling can help you learn about the addictive cycle, identify the underlying reasons for your behavior, and open up lines of communication with your partner or spouse. Together, we will create a short-term plan to help you manage your behavior. In the long-run, we will work to create a plan so that you can re-establish a healthy sexual life that doesn’t dominate your time and mental energy.

Seeking out a sex addiction counselor can be a scary prospect.

This is understandable. Walking through the shame that you feel about a behavior that you have kept private is very intimidating. My goal is not to shame you. Instead, it is to help you move step-by-step through this addiction, so that you can reclaim your life. So don’t continue to deny yourself of needed treatment. Call us today, so that we can start getting your addiction back under control.

You may benefit from sex addiction treatment if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • A partner threatening to leave behavior of your sexual behavior
  • Loss of time due to the viewing of pornography
  • Risking losing your job due to pornography use or chatting at work
  • Obsessive use of applications such as Grindr, Tindr, Scruff, or Bang with Friends
  • A lack of sex life with your partner, but promiscuity outside of your relationship
  • Hiding your sexual behavior from your partner
  • Repeated dishonesty about sexual relationships outside of your partnership or marriage

We help relationships rebuild trust, connection, and intimacy.

After the discovery of a sex addiction, life can feel like it’s falling apart. It can seem like there is no way that the relationship will ever become connected and close again. We can help you find ways of rebuilding trust. You’ll find ways to manage your behavior, so that you’re less likely to break trust again. You’ll also learn how to support your partner, while gaining an understanding of the challenges that you’re currently facing.

Sex Addiction Counseling can help you, even if you’re part of a 12 step group.

You may be participating in a sexual addiction support group. Counseling from a trained sex addiction therapist who specializes in treating the specific dynamics associated with this addiction can compliment these support groups very well. Counselors who are specially trained in sex addiction counseling understand the underlying dynamics of sex addiction, porn addiction, and cybersex addiction. They recognize the dynamics that are under the surface of your sexual behavior.

If you’re unclear if you’re sexual behavior is out-of-control, we can help you figure this out.

Whether you are unsure if your behavior is an addiction, or you are sure that your behavior is an issue, setting up an appointment with me can be beneficial. I can assess the issues that you live with and determine if these are acute behavioral symptoms, or if they are an actual addiction.

If you are in the Dallas area, and looking for a sex addiction therapist to help you gain control of your sexual addiction and reclaim you life, call me now to learn more about how I can help.

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Sex Addiction Counseling June 10, 2013