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Dallas Sex Addiction Counseling

If you are looking for a Dallas Sex Addiction Counselor, I can help. Whether you are dealing with controlling sexually addictive behaviors, or you are living with a partner who is in recovery for these behaviors, I can help. Sex addiction, pornography addiction, and cybersex addiction can wreak havoc in your life and in your relationship. The stress of trying to hide these behaviors can take their toll on you, and on your relationships. I can help you gain control of these behaviors, and heal the relationship that once seemed impossible to rebuild. Call me today to see how I can help.

Sex addiction can be a struggle to overcome. No matter how badly you feel about your sexual behavior, I will help you walk through this without shaming you. I understand that you likely already feel shameful and embarrassed about the behaviors that you are hiding. Know that you are not alone in this. Most sex addicts who are in the situation that you are in also feel intimidated by the prospect of participating in therapy. Controlling the behavior, opening up to others, and rebuilding your relationships and life are all intimidating. As a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, I can help you work through these problems. I am specially trained to work with sex addiction by the International Institute of Trauma Addiction Professionals (IITAP) and Dr. Patrick Carnes, who is a leading proponent in the field of sex addiction and the founder of IITAP.

Maybe you are risking damaging your relationship. Maybe you are putting your career at risk. Make a change now. Secrets about your sexual behavior can mount up and permanently damage your romantic relationships in a way that becomes less likely to recover from. The longer you allow this to go unchanged, the greater you risk losing everything. You can lose trust, your career, and even face legal consequences. Contact a trained Dallas Sex Addiction Therapist today.


Counseling For Partners Of Sex Addicts

Dealing with the betrayal and hurt from being in a relationship with a sex addict can be extremely difficult. It can be challenging to know where you should set your boundaries. You may blame yourself or feel responsible for your partner’s sexual behavior. This can result in you feeling hopeless, angry and alone. You don’t have to walk through this emotional time on your own. You aren’t responsible for the behavior of your partner. However, that can leave you feeling alone with a topic that can be challenging to talk about. I can help you navigate through this emotional time. Call me today to see how you can help.

You may feel angry about the secrets that you have uncovered. You may feel as though you are to blame for your partner or spouse’s sex addiction. You are not to blame. Sex addiction isn’t just about sex. It is the manifestation of sexual behaviors caused from other underlying issues. These issues are not caused by you.

In your situation, it is common that you might feel unsure of how to confront your partner about his sexual behavior. You might also be scared of what else you’ll uncover if you discuss this. I recognize that this is a hard time. The road to recovery can be a long one, but you should not have to travel it alone. Contact me today to work through the relationship situations in your life, and to help you make this challenging time as easy as possible.

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