If you’re dealing with feelings of hostility, pain, or hurt towards your partner who has cheated on you or kept sexual secrets from you, a weekend intensive may be able to help. This program can also help those who have cheated, and want to get a head start at getting their relationship and recovery on track. This allows you to spend time working together with a skilled group of therapists who can help you identify what you should talk about and how you can work through this challenging time.

The weekend intensive program combines couples counseling, and individual counseling in an innovative way. There is only one couple who participates in each weekend clinic. Couples learn basics about communication, shame, and sex addiction recovery. Partners of sex addicts will learn ways to cope with the pain that they are experiencing, what to expect from recovery, and how to hold to solid boundaries. Sex addicts will jump start their recovery by completing an assessment process, learning about sex addiction, identifying triggers for relapse, and leaving with a plan to regain trust, and to prevent unwanted behaviors from happening again in the future.

Weekend intensives can help with the following:

  • Complete assessments to test severity of sex addiction.
  • Gaining a better understanding of the addiction process.
  • Quickly get a head start on your relationship recovery.
  • Building a foundation to regain trust.
  • Opening dialogue around boundaries.
  • Creating a plan for intimacy.

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