Deciding when it is time to change can be extremely challenging. Accepting a problem can be a difficult undertaking. One of the biggest reasons for this is that in order to accept, you have to know that the problem exists. It’s easy to go through life not picking up on hints that you need to change. There are likely hints all around you that you need to make a change in your life, but they aren’t always apparent. Also, the realization that you need to make a change, especially if you are dealing with a sex or porn addiction, can be a painful one. In order to recognize whether or not you have a problem, you often have to look outside of yourself for answers. Asking yourself the following questions can help you assess whether or not you’re living with a sexually addictive behavior:

  • What would my actions mean to someone else?
  • Am I ashamed of my actions?
  • Do I justify my sexual behavior to myself?
  • Am I being open about my sexual behavior with my partner or spouse?

Questions such as these can push yourself to identify what you maybe have never before noticed as a problem. If you’re dealing with sex addiction, a problem isn’t always that easy to identify. The compartmentalization of what you can and can’t control, as well as the justification of what will and won’t hurt others can dilute your reasoning. If you’re questioning, it is quite possible that there is a problem. To help you with this, contact a trained sex addiction counselor, to help you assess the problem. Attend a sex addiction support group, and listen to the stories of others, and see if they sound familiar. Although it’s difficult to open your mind to a possible long and challenging journey, the end result could be you finding contentment that you never before thought possible.

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