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Would I Benefit From Sex Addiction Counseling?

Determining whether or not you could benefit from counseling is difficult for several reasons. These links and screening tools may be able to help you determine if you would be a good candidate for therapy or counseling. Whether you are unsure if you are a sex addict, unsure if your partner is a sex addict, or you are a partner of someone who is dealing with a sex addiction problem, these links may help you in deciding whether or not to seek out treatment or supportive counseling.

SAST: This Sex Addiction Screening Test can give you an indication of whether or not you likely have a problem with sex addiction. If you score six or above, you likely are dealing with a problem with sex addiction. This is a screening tool, and not an assessment. In order to get an accurate diagnosis of whether or not sex addiction is a problem, you really should seek out the help of a professional.

Signs Your Partner is a Sex Addict: It can be difficult to know if your partner is or is not a sex addict. This list by the Sexual Recovery Institute can serve as a good guide to help you decide this.

There are also screenings to help you if you’re the partner of a sex addict or someone who has sexually betrayed you.

Betrayal Bond Index: This can help you get an idea of your whether or not your bonding is based on betrayal.

Co-dependency Scale: This scale can help you determine whether or not you are dealing with a problem relating to co-dependence.


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