Dallas Addictions TherpistZach Ramsey, MS, LPC, LCDC, CSAT

If you’re looking for someone to help you in your recovery, I can help. I have specialized training with Dr. Patrick Carnes, the leading proponent for sex addiction. Whether you’re in a relationship that is struggling because of compulsive masturbation or pornography use, cybersex addiction, or is struggling with trust issues because of infidelity, we’ll work so that you can regain what you have lost.  Contact me today to stop unwanted behaviors, and to rebuild your relationship.

Phone: 214-908-5962
E-mail: zachramsey@vantagepointdallascounseling.com

I specialize in the following:

  • Partners of sex addicts recovery.
  • Substance abuse.
  • Eating Disorders.
  • Pornography addiction.
  • Cheating and sexual secret keeping.
  • Regaining trust.

There is no addiction that comes with the amount of shame that sex addiction can come with. Because I have great respect for the courage it takes to work through such a difficult problem, you’ll have a setting with me where you won’t feel judged. We’ll work so that you can understand your addiction, and create a plan that will help you from having this happen to you again in the future.

Along with my experience working with sex addiction, I also am highly trained in working with substance abuse issues.

I understand how sex addiction and substance abuse can intertwine, and hurt you and those who you love. I also know that even in the most difficult of situations, you can piece your life back together. Whether its meth use, alcohol abuse, or any other drug abuse, I can help you manage these behaviors, and create a plan that can work. I understand how difficult it can be to get into recovery for a substance abuse problem. I also have great respect for how difficult this can be.

Image and Eating Disorders can also impact your recovery.

If you’re struggle with issues surrounding self-image, I can help. I have experience and understanding of the complications that can lead to an eating disorder. If this is something that you’re dealing with in your life, I can help you gain a better understanding of your relationship with food and self-worth. I can also help you learn how this is related to your problems with sexual addiction or anorexia. Contact me today to learn more about how I can help with these issues.

I understand how identifying and working on any addiction can be extremely intimidating. I have great respect for anyone who comes into my office to try to get their lives back on track. Call me today to learn more about how I can help you in your recovery from this complicated problem.

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About Zach January 27, 2015